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Family auto insurance policies

Most insurance providers tend to prefer insuring as many people as they can under a single policy. That's why a lot of insurance companies aim for including entire families to their service offers. It's financially advantageous for them, that's why a lot of insurers tend to offer special discounted policies that have already been named as “family policies." In most cases when discussing such policies the insurance provider requires all of the persons included into one of them to dwell in the same residence. Quite often there are exceptions made for families where the kids are still going to school. The list of family members that may be included into a family auto insurance policy differs from company to company yet it usually consists of the following persons:

    • Parents

    • In-laws

    • Aunts and uncles

    • Children and step-children

    • Other family members

There's usually one person that is designated as the main policy holder, who is responsible for paying the premiums and arranging any other aspects with the insurance company. This person is also responsible for including and excluding persons from the policy. The method of calculating the rates for family auto insurance is pretty much the same as for individual policies and includes such factors as:

    • Parents

    • The car being insured

    • Amount of coverage and deductible

    • Driving record

    • Age of drivers listed in the policy

    • Location of drivers

As with individual policies, each company tends to put a strong emphasis on a particular factor and as a result the rates may vary from provider to provider by hundreds of dollars for the same coverage amounts. If your family has a member that drives a costly ca, has a bad driving record or there are other factors making him or her a high risk driver then you might want to consider purchasing a separate policy for this family member in order to keep the family auto insurance rates low. This way you'll avoid making the group policy too costly just because of one family member.

If you're looking forward to buy from a large insurance provider then you might want to look into other types of insurance too. If the company offers home or health insurance besides auto insurance, it may be a good way to cut your rates buying all these types of insurance from a single provider. Most providers offer such discounts, so maybe your family auto insurance can be made even less expensive.